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I fulfilled my desire by doing something very exciting!

I am one of the girls that have had the desire to get a tattoo since my youth! One of the problems are our parents that have the idea that it will ruin our lives forever. And try to stops us from making the decision. My parents as I said in previous posts are a bit conservative but over time I have become a bit more liberal about many things. My parents have learned to accept me as I am. A tattoo will not tell if I am a bad person or not, it will not make me look less beautiful or it will make me feel superior to others. It’s just a desire I had for many years!


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How are my preparations for Christmas and the New Year? Who is the Niño Jesús? How is Christmas music in Venezuela?

Our favorite dates are already approaching, or at least my favorite date and we are starting to place theChristmas tree here. We have a small Christmas tree that 7 years ago an uncle gave us. Since then it is the Christmas tree that we always use with the same ornaments as always, although sometimes my mother and I start to make small snowflakes in foami to give a white and […]

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How is the weather in Venezuela? Does it ever snow in Venezuela? Is it true you can sunbathe in the winter?

The weather in Venezuela is good in general throughout the year. The average temperature of Caracas, located at 1,000 m. of height above sea level, it is 22 ° C, being able to reach 32 ° C during the day in summer. At night it refreshes, but you will never need more than a light coat. Venezuela has two distinctive seasons: winter, which runs from May to November, is the […]

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What have I been doing? What effect did the donations have? What did I spend my money on?

Before starting the entry I want to give you my biggest and sincere thanks. When starting this blog I did not expect so much support. Your messages, your questions, your comments and even your help, I appreciate it. It motivates me to continue with the blog and with my goals… Thank you very much! When I started the blog I gave myself the task of looking for an audience that […]

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Living before crisis, surviving and challenges to deal with it in Venezuela

Some incoming questions from a reader I answered and decided to put on my website. Thank you for being interested in my situation! The support I have been getting lately is amazing! Thank you all for your kind words and support! How were you living before the crisis? > Before the crisis I was living very well. My family was upper middle class. We could get medicines, food and progress. […]

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How is the public transport like in Venezuela? How do you get from point A to B?

Hello again! First of all I want to say thank you to all the people who have been sending messages of support. They really motivate me to continue with blogging. I have noticed that there are a LOT of people who are interested in Venezuela and in my blog! Now… Remember that I told you a little about the issue of public transport? Well, we’ll talk about that first since […]

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