Waiting for the winds of change

These last days have been a bit complicated. The situation of the country every day is more critical. There is more tension in the air. Nicolás Maduro swore on Thursday his position as president of Venezuela for what will be his second term, much questioned by many inside and outside Venezuela. Like almost everything in [...]


How about the New Year’s party? What traditions are there in the New Year’s party in Venezuela? What are your goals for this new year?

For me 2018 was a year with many downs, but I always managed to get up to the problems sometimes alone and sometimes with the help of other people, those angels that I will always thank them for.

I fulfilled my desire by doing something very exciting!

I am one of the girls that have had the desire to get a tattoo since my youth! One of the problems are our parents that have the idea that it will ruin our lives forever. And try to stops us from making the decision. My parents as I said in previous posts are a bit conservative but over time I have become a bit more liberal about many things. My parents have learned to accept me as I am. A tattoo will not tell if I am a bad person or not, it will not make me look less beautiful or it will make me feel superior to others. It's just a desire I had for many years!

How are my preparations for Christmas and the New Year? Who is the Niño Jesús? How is Christmas music in Venezuela?

Our favorite dates are already approaching, or at least my favorite date and we are starting to place theChristmas tree here. We have a small Christmas tree that 7 years ago an uncle gave us. Since then it is the Christmas tree that we always use with the same ornaments as always, although sometimes my [...]