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Health in Venezuela: What are Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika?

Hello, my dear readers! Today I want to talk about health in Venezuela, since I have been very concerned about the number of people who have become ill and died due to the lack of medical supplies. Lately there has been a strong increase in malaria cases because the health system suffers the effects of hyperinflation and a recession. Sadly, in 2017, there were 406,000 cases of malaria in Venezuela, […]

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Guyana Esequiba: A short summary of the history of the zone in reclamation between Venezuela and Guyana

Hello, my dear readers! Today I come to talk about a very particular topic and I want to share it as a curious and interesting piece of information about my country. Since I was a little girl I always thought that the map of Venezuela was this: The continental territory borders on the north with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, on the west with Colombia, on the south […]

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What happened in Venezuela on April 30? We are facing a coup d’etat?

This Tuesday all Venezuelans woke up with an important news, the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, made a call to materialize the cessation of the usurpation. Guaidó addressed the public from the La Carlota Air Base, where he announced the military uprising of the officials of that site and the support to the opposition cause. In the military base was also Leopoldo López, opposition leader, imprisoned for political reasons […]

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Easter? How is the Holy Week celebrated in Venezuela?

Hello everyone again! I hope you have spent a beautiful holiday and a happy Easter. Holy Week in Venezuela is a time of spiritual guardianship and union of families, who come as a group to the celebration of the Eucharist, representations of the Way of the Cross, washing of the feet, visit of the 7 Temples, worship of The Nazarene and vigil of the Holy Sepulcher. Some do fasting on […]

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Is Venezuela safe?

I would love to answer this question with a simple yes, simply because I really love Venezuela! But the truth is I can’t say it is safe nor really dangerous. Last week my phone got robbed.. How did that happen? Well.. I was going back to my apartment a group of men had been watching me at the public transport stop. When I was getting on the bus they approached […]

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My phone has been stolen..

Hi all! Just a short update! Sadly this week I got robbed and lost my phone.. I’m really sad because I had many things saved on there which were not on my computer. This week there will be no blog post and also no new pictures for my patrons. I will have to wait and find a way to continue writing and making pictures once again without a phone. In […]

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Venezuelan desserts: Catalina recipe

Hey, my dears readers! Today I was with my best friend an we realize that we had all the ingredients to make catalinas so I want to prepare this dessert very common in Venezuela for any time of the year. It is obtained in any Venezuelan bakery, I do not know if it will be obtained elsewhere in Latin America, maybe yes. Anyway, today I want to prepare some catalinas. […]

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Venezuelan Myths and Legends

Hello, my dear readers! Yesterday I was up late talking with friends about the horror stories they told us when we were girls. Among those stories are those that pass from generation to generation. And within our territory there are stories of scares and apparitions that are worth sharing with you. The Venezuelan Legends are my favorites, since they deal with very diverse topics. What I am trying to say […]

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