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    Easter? How is the Holy Week celebrated in Venezuela?

    Hello everyone again! I hope you have spent a beautiful holiday and a happy Easter. Holy Week in Venezuela is a time of spiritual guardianship and union of families, who come as a group to the celebration of the Eucharist, representations of the Way of the Cross, washing of the feet, visit of the 7 Temples, worship of The Nazarene and vigil of the Holy Sepulcher. Some do fasting on […]

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    Is Venezuela safe?

    I would love to answer this question with a simple yes, simply because I really love Venezuela! But the truth is I can’t say it is safe nor really dangerous. Last week my phone got robbed.. How did that happen? Well.. I was going back to my apartment a group of men had been watching me at the public transport stop. When I was getting on the bus they approached […]

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    My phone has been stolen..

    Hi all! Just a short update! Sadly this week I got robbed and lost my phone.. I’m really sad because I had many things saved on there which were not on my computer. This week there will be no blog post and also no new pictures for my patrons. I will have to wait and find a way to continue writing and making pictures once again without a phone. In […]

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    [Guest] Venezuela

    Today is time for a different blog. This story is written by a reader that lives in Venezuela. Please let us know in the comments what you think of the idea of guest bloggers! Her submission: I was born in a country with great natural beauty and rich in many aspects. Like any oil country, the economic boom was increasing until the decade of the 90s. In 1998, Commander Hugo […]

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    Please do check your spam folder

    Just a quick heads up. I have just sent all of you a mail. To avoid not seeing it, I ask you to check your spam folder 🙂 Thanks in advance! In the future I want to reward my loyal readers. I don’t want you to miss receiving the future rewards! Sorry for the short message!

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