The Day of Youth (El Día de la Juventud)

Hello, my dear readers! Yesterday I was in a peaceful march, although I am not very out to marches or protests because of the fear of repression by the national guards I wanted to take a little risk. You will wonder why... Yesterday was the day of youth in Venezuela! A very important day in [...]


[Guest] El salto Angel: The highest waterfall in the world is in Venezuela

El salto Angel (or Angel Falls in english) is one of the most amazing tourist places in Venezuela. The Indians call it "Kerepakupai Merú" in Pemón, which means "waterfall of the deepest place". In the Western sector of the Canaima National Park, there is this Auyantepuy, one of the most famous tepuyes (the tepuis are [...]

The future of Venezuela

January 23 is a significant date in the collective conscience of Venezuelans. Sixty-six years ago, a civic-military movement -accumulation of oppositions- established democracy in Venezuela, by overthrowing the dictatorship of General Marcos Pérez Jiménez (1953-1958), which forced him to leave power and leave Venezuela for the Dominican Republic because it was governed by his friend [...]