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    How are the electricity problems in Venezuela?

    I spent my day walking and trying to entertain myself. A couple of weeks ago I told you about a big blackout that occurred throughout the country. It has been weeks of that but there are still consequences.


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    Venezuelan desserts: Catalina recipe

    Hey, my dears readers! Today I was with my best friend an we realize that we had all the ingredients to make catalinas so I want to prepare this dessert very common in Venezuela for any time of the year. It is obtained in any Venezuelan bakery, I do not know if it will be obtained elsewhere in Latin America, maybe yes. Anyway, today I want to prepare some catalinas. […]

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    Venezuelan Myths and Legends

    Hello, my dear readers! Yesterday I was up late talking with friends about the horror stories they told us when we were girls. Among those stories are those that pass from generation to generation. And within our territory there are stories of scares and apparitions that are worth sharing with you. The Venezuelan Legends are my favorites, since they deal with very diverse topics. What I am trying to say […]

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    Darkness in Venezuela: What happened on Thursday, March 7?

    On Thursday, March 7, I went to my parents’ house to spend the afternoon and share some time with my family. At 4:56 pm the electricity went out. As the afternoon and evening went on I realized that my phone platform was not working. I had no signal to call or send an SMS. My dad did have a signal and when he started calling his friends and family from […]

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    A MacDonald’s in Venezuela

    Hey, everyone! For this post I made a special visit to an international chain of restaurants that we may all know. Yes! MacDonald’s! When I was a little girl I loved going to MacDonald’s, eating burgers and fries. Over the years, going to MacDonalds became a luxury. I will show you some photos to see a typical MacDonalds in Venezuela, the menu, the prices in bolivars and in dollars so […]

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    Humanitarian aid for Venezuela: What happened on February 22 and 23?

    Thousands of people waited from before the dawn in the bridge of Tienditas, that connects to the Colombian city of Cúcuta with the Venezuelan one of Ureña, the beginning of the concert Venezuela Aid Live, that began at 11.00 local time of this Thursday with the Venezuelan and Colombian hymns and the applause of tens of thousands of people who attended the event. Rivers of people dressed in white and […]

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    Venezuelan Poetry: History, favorite books and writers

    Hello, my dear readers! Today I want to talk to you about something that I love. Venezuelan poetry. In general I love poetry but last year I discovered a bookstore that sold only books by Venezuelan writers. Among them there is a great variety of history books, stories and my beloved poetry. I love verses, rhymes and sometimes just one sentence is enough to fill you with emotions. Venezuelan poetry […]

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    The Day of Youth (El Día de la Juventud)

    Hello, my dear readers! Yesterday I was in a peaceful march, although I am not very out to marches or protests because of the fear of repression by the national guards I wanted to take a little risk. You will wonder why… Yesterday was the day of youth in Venezuela! A very important day in our country. Many people told me to go out and support my young colleagues in […]

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    [Guest] More about the Mochima national park…

    The Mochima National Park is a national park that is located between the states of Sucre and Anzoátegui in eastern Venezuela. It was declared as such on December 19, 1973. The Mochima National Park is ideal for water sports such as scuba diving and sailing thanks to its warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. In the park there is a variety of vegetation, where cactus predominates, bushes, ferns and orchids […]

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    Venezuelan Literature: Classics and favorite books and writers

    Today I want to talk to you about one of my favorite topics. A subject that I am very passionate about. Literature. But I want to talk to you more than anything about Venezuelan literature. I love reading and I enjoy a good reading since I was a little girl. I loved when the teachers sent me to read a book at school. When you are studying in Venezuela, the […]

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