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Music festivals in Venezuela

In the last 6 years the Venezuelan scene has suffered a strong blow, in several areas. Great bands of Pop, Rock and Metal once filled the polyhedron of Caracas and in other opportunities as in the Red Experience in 1998 where Carlota was the site of the biggest events in the country.

For years, Venezuelan musicians and producers took on the task of producing events with a high level and category, sacrificing the income they can receive from them. The harsh situation of the country leaves a great stab to the national urban movement that reduces the number of events produced in the country, leaving a gap in the scene.

Undoubtedly today’s journey fills us with nostalgia to think that we had a Venezuela where Rock and Pop were a trend, but economic situations do not make it profitable to hold a festival of such magnitude. However, festivals and places to express the art that we are so passionate about, that unites us regardless of anything, as music does, continue to be born.

Last weekend I went with a couple of friends to an event called El Grito de El Loro in Puerto La Cruz. A music festival that counted with the participation of regional and national musical artists.

It was my first time at an event like that and they do not know how much I enjoy being in a place with such good music and such nice people. Besides that it was also my first time in Puerto La Cruz and after being at the event I walked down the Paseo Colon and went to visit the pier, but that story will be left for the next post.

What motivated me the most to go to El Grito de el Loro was to support art, music, people and the environment. It was a wonderful experience that I hope to live again and soon.

We must rescue more spaces, and now more than ever support our art, support what is done at home. The Venezuelan national talent is undoubtedly: ADMIRABLE.

Do not let the scene die, Support home-made music, attend events and let’s trip!


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