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Venezuelan gastronomy: What is an arepa? What do we eat more in Venezuela? What are the typical dishes?

Hello, my dear readers! Today I come to talk about something that I love! Know what it is? The food!

The gastronomy of Venezuela is very varied, and is the result of the cultural and gastronomic mix coming from Europe (especially from Spain, Italy, France and Portugal) and Africa (through the populations of slaves carried by the Spanish) with gastronomy of the indigenous peoples of Venezuela.

I can tell you that perhaps the best known dish is the arepa, a kind of circular roasted bun of corn dough that is consumed filled with other foods or used as a companion.

Other well-known dishes are also the pabellón criollo, the hallaca, the sancocho, the grilled meat, the black roast, the tripe, the cachapa and the chicken in embers.

Venezuelan dishes may vary depending on the geographical area of the country.

Some of the most common ingredients in the preparations are cereals such as rice and corn, lentils, beans, peas, beans and other grains, tubers such as potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes; tuberous roots such as cassava, ocher and Chinese ocher, meats such as beef, chicken, chicken, goat meat, pork (pig), chigüire (capibara), venison and a variety of fish and seafood. Also important is the variety of tropical fruits such as mango, cambur (banana), lechoza, guava and parchita.

Venezuela has several nationally representative dishes such as arepa, ham bread (Christmas food of which I spoke before), the tequeño, the Creole pavilion and the typical hallaca at Christmas time.

Among the most representative regional dishes are the pisca andina, patacón (my favorite), stewed with seafood, arepa andina, the Guyanese pelao, cuaja’o, toothache cake; among others.

I told them a variety of dishes because they are too many! But if you are interested in knowing each of the recipes of the dishes that I just mentioned let me know! And I’ll try to start making more recipe posts on the blog.

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Thank you! Until next week!❤


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  1. Do you prepare all those dishes?


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