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Threatened relatives of missing persons in boat towards Trinidad and Tobago [News written by guest]

After the relatives of the victims reported that they did not reach to your destination, they have been persecuted to force them not to divulge more information.

The boat Ana María left on Thursday May 16 from Güiria and his whereabouts are unknown, there are no signs of shipwreck so far. The relatives of the disappeared who traveled in the Peña Ana Maria, from Güiria to Trinidad and Tobago, not only must deal with the misinformation, also with threats from strangers.

After the denunciations in the mass media and to the authorities a relative of one of the victims received an ultimatum. Even officials who are on the main dock, known as La Playita, advised him not to go near the area so that his life is not in danger. In view of this situation, other relatives consulted by Crónica. They asked to maintain their anonymity, because they fear that their statements would endanger the lives of those who travel in that boat.

Carlos Valero, deputy to the National Assembly, denounced that several relatives have been victims of persecution: It seems strange that after we were dedicated to investigate the different hypotheses of the Ana María vessel, it began a strong persecution against relatives who have provided information, they have even been threatened with death. ”

Six members of a family were traveling by van missing between Güiria and Trinidad He demanded that the authorities offer maximum security to those in Güiria, hoping to obtain news of their missing loved ones. On Thursday, May 16, approximately 36 people set sail from La Playita, in Güiria, around 4:30 p.m. m. They did not reach the mainland. The relatives of the disappeared – who live in Güiria – alerted Civil Protection (PC) officials of the Valdez de Güiria municipality and the Guardia on Saturday, May 18, the day on which the search operation was activated.

Children and a woman with seven months of pregnancy were traveling on the boat.


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