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What happened in Venezuela on April 30? We are facing a coup d’etat?

This Tuesday all Venezuelans woke up with an important news, the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, made a call to materialize the cessation of the usurpation. Guaidó addressed the public from the La Carlota Air Base, where he announced the military uprising of the officials of that site and the support to the opposition cause.

In the military base was also Leopoldo López, opposition leader, imprisoned for political reasons since February 18, 2014. This ensured that the group of politicians and military that rose in this same day against Nicolás Maduro has maintained communication with senior officials of the Chavez government.

Lopez mocked the sentence of more than 14 years in prison that paid at home and moved to the military air base of La Carlota, in eastern Caracas, to accompany the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, who along with a hundred The soldiers who spoke asked the Venezuelans to take to the streets.

Many Venezuelans moved to the Altamira distributor on the Francisco Fajardo highway, as well as to the Altamira plaza on Francisco de Miranda Avenue in Caracas.

From the moment they arrived, the demonstrators faced tear gas bombs thrown by officials affected by Nicolás Maduro to disperse the mobilization.

A tank operated by military officials ran over a group of protesters at the Altamira distributor. So far it is known that there was a wounded.

Nicolás Maduro said in his Twitter account that the situation is under control. He said he has communicated with the commanders of the strategic regions of integral defense and operational areas of integral defense, which supposedly indicated normalcy in the military ranks and expressed their loyalty.

No Maduro official, including this one, has offered televised statements live.

The international community has spoken about the situation that Venezuela is currently experiencing. The presidents of Panama, Brazil, France, the United States, Colombia and Costa Rica expressed their support for the democratic aspirations of Venezuelans.

The European Parliament supported the gesture of Guaidó, while the United Nations Organization called on all parties in Venezuela to avoid violence.

The protests continue, on Wednesday many cities protested and marched to support the opposition leader. There was no activity in the works because it was also Labor Day. So thousands took advantage of the day off to support Guaido and Lopez, and this time without so much fear as many soldiers were supporting the town.

Let’s have faith that everything will be fine in Venezuela. What did you think about the news, my dear readers?


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