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Easter? How is the Holy Week celebrated in Venezuela?

Hello everyone again! I hope you have spent a beautiful holiday and a happy Easter. Holy Week in Venezuela is a time of spiritual guardianship and union of families, who come as a group to the celebration of the Eucharist, representations of the Way of the Cross, washing of the feet, visit of the 7 Temples, worship of The Nazarene and vigil of the Holy Sepulcher. Some do fasting on Friday of the Council, others on Good Friday.

If you don’t know, Holy Week is a celebration of the mobile calendar that celebrates for the Christian world the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Its date must be celebrated on the Sunday immediately after the first full astronomical Moon after the Equinox, so it is never before March 22 and does not exceed the 25th anniversary of each year.

This week in Venezuela is one of the main traditional festivals and in its celebration the family reunion is protagonist and revolves around a sharing of the so-called 7 potajes, a copious meal that takes as a protein base some variety of fish, as it says tradition can not eat red meat. In some regions, Chigüire or Capíbara, a large rodent that inhabits our plain, is served, and although it is a protected species, a control destined for consumption is kept on these dates.

You can not miss tasting the variety of criollo sweets, such as rice pudding, milky sweet and rich yucca donuts.

Leave in the comments how Easter is celebrated in your country. I hope you liked this post! Until next week!


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