Venezuela Inside

Is Venezuela safe?

I would love to answer this question with a simple yes, simply because I really love Venezuela! But the truth is I can’t say it is safe nor really dangerous.

Last week my phone got robbed.. How did that happen? Well..

I was going back to my apartment a group of men had been watching me at the public transport stop. When I was getting on the bus they approached me, they pushed me and they stole my phone without me noticing. Luckily a lady who was watching me told me that a man stole it from me. I ran out to the police to see if they could do anything for me. I gave them all the necessary information and they gave me the possibility of recovering my phone, which gave me some hope. To top it all, I had changed all my passwords and passwords recently, I could not access my email or my Instagram… I only remembered the passwords of Patreon, PayPal and some banks. And since my email and Instagram were associated with my phone number because of the two-step verification, I was really sad and about to give up. I remembered that I had my mail associated with my brother’s and helped me get it back. And here I am, going back to the ring to continue with the blog and many other projects.
I was very sad because I loved that phone, but I have faith that it will return and that the person who stole it will have its due. I believe in karma.

At the moment I feel better and I’m ready to continue with the blog, patron and Instagram. But I don’t feel very safe on the street anymore! It really hurts me too much how horrible it is to be without light every day, without water and, besides, not being able to go out on the street because I am afraid of being robbed. I want to stop living with fear.

For my patrons, I do have new pictures for Patreon!!

PS: At the moment im using my old phone. That one that did not have a good camera and was super old but will serve me while I hope to recover the old one and save to buy a better one.


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  1. I am sorry to hear that, I was trying to think of ways for you to turn the situation around, in your favor somehow.

    Curious if you have the geographical location of your phone turned on? I believe there may be different ways and apps for it to be turned on.

    I was also curious if there was a way to put spyware on it. I was thinking that since you own the phone, then it may be possible to put spyware on it, like a parent would for their child’s phone, if they were concerned about their children getting into trouble. I believe it allows you to see their location and read texts and such. If it allows it then I believe it will hide the app.

    I was also thinking the thieves might be able to be baited, with a virtual number that they think might benefit them them.

    A virtual number might also be used to make them think they are being watched or traced by media or the press or a larger organization that could threaten to expose them.

    I do not know if any of those ideas helps at all or if your phone is still turned on but best of luck.


    • Thank you very much for your advice and support! I did not have any app to protect it from possible theft. I have always been positive and I do not think much about bad things but I will be more attentive next time. For now I only have to trust in the law and karma. Meanwhile I will try to continue raising my spirits with new projects for the blog. Losing a phone will not stop me from doing what I love.

      XO, Laura.


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