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How are the electricity problems in Venezuela?

Hello, my dear readers!

How are you today?

I spent my day walking and trying to entertain myself. A couple of weeks ago I told you about a big blackout that occurred throughout the country. It has been weeks of that but there are still consequences.

Blackouts, lack of water, lack of gasoline… Some problems that we have had to accustom.

Cities like Maracaibo have been suffering from these illnesses for months (it is worth noting that Maracaibo is one of the hottest cities in the country and even the poorest people need air conditioning).

Valencia and Maracay have also been among the most affected by the blackouts. Days without electricity and the few places where they can charge the phone are dangerous because they can steal them.

In my town there have also been many blackouts. I try not to fall into depression every time I spend three days without electricity.

I go for a walk, in the afternoons I read books, I go to the movies…

It’s okay to disconnect from the world, you know? It’s a healer. It makes you feel that you are in contact with other people again. Friends, family, neighbors… It’s nice, although there comes a point where you want to know what’s going on in the world.

Due to electrical faults, there is no signal on the telephones either. Therefore we can not know our relatives easily. We depend on a single service of calls and messages, if it works, the others never work. And we manage to have cable, we can also use WiFi and communicate through WhatsApp, but of course, this is if we have the phone loaded.

Despite the circumstances, I am grateful to have my family and friends close by. Of not being alone and of that I know that we will have a better future soon.

Thanks to all the people who always support me on my blog. I love them. I hope to come with a more positive post next week. Until then!


If you’ve got any questions you can send it to or leave a comment!


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