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Darkness in Venezuela: What happened on Thursday, March 7?

On Thursday, March 7, I went to my parents’ house to spend the afternoon and share some time with my family.

At 4:56 pm the electricity went out. As the afternoon and evening went on I realized that my phone platform was not working. I had no signal to call or send an SMS. My dad did have a signal and when he started calling his friends and family from other cities they did not have electricity either. There we realized that it was a very big blackout.

We thought that the light would come but that night I do not return. The next day electricity returned at 2 am.

We thought that it was a simple fault and that it would only be a blackout but that same day the light went on again and this time for 24 hours.

I spent all day reading the books I did not read for lack of time, listening to the stories about my father’s childhood and trying to put right the Rubik’s cube that I never managed to complete.

At night we lit the last candle that we had left and we had no choice but to lie down to sleep, hoping that when we woke there would be light.

The service returned the afternoon of the next day. It was time to charge the phones and fill as many cans and containers as possible because the pump in the area was going to supply the houses with the last remaining water reserve. 35 minutes later the darkness returned… And so my days passed.

Today there are still blackouts to maintain the hydroelectric plant that supplies energy to the entire country.

It was very difficult to communicate even by text message, since there was rarely a cell phone signal. There is only one functioning mobile platform and this is helping Venezuelans communicate with our family and friends.

Another atypical day, in which there was little traffic in the streets, muted traffic lights, closed shopping centers and long lines at gas stations. And the next day was very similar to the previous one; however, the refrigerator was almost empty and the water was running out.

They were pretty tough days but it seems that everything is already being solved.

Although the president of the republic has declared a non-working day, there are small businesses that continue to work to sell food and medicine. Thanks to them we have been able to buy food.

Just as there are people who take advantage of the situation there are good people who help others.

The good ones will always be more and I will continue to be positive so that one day all this will be solved.

We just have to have faith and be that little change we want to see in the world.


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