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A MacDonald’s in Venezuela

Hey, everyone!

For this post I made a special visit to an international chain of restaurants that we may all know. Yes! MacDonald’s!

When I was a little girl I loved going to MacDonald’s, eating burgers and fries. Over the years, going to MacDonalds became a luxury.

I will show you some photos to see a typical MacDonalds in Venezuela, the menu, the prices in bolivars and in dollars so that you can draw your own conclusions and opinions. I would like to read all those comments so let’s start!

I must ask for an apology in front because I thought I would take many pictures but when I started taking pictures at MacDonald’s they told me that it was forbidden to take a picture of the menu and the place. I do not have the slightest idea why and it seemed very strange to me so just write down the prices and take a picture of the menu.

I wanted to show you the children’s playroom, it’s very small but I always saw it as fun.

As I said before, going to MacDonald’s is a luxury, when I went the place was empty. People prefer to spend the money buying the ingredients to make their own hamburgers than to buy them. It comes much more economically. In fact, the weekend was with some friends and we made 20 hamburgers and the truth each one spent as 10000BsS ($ 3,70) and each one ate 3 hamburgers and they even stayed! It was great, I was so full and happy!

Returning to the subject of MacDonald’s, despite almost always being empty when I was scoring menu prices in a covert way a man went to buy a hamburger. The man just arrived began to complain because according to him “every day raise the price” so apparently he was a regular customer.

For me the prices for the burgers are high. Since I put myself in the place of people who earn a minimum salary and I feel sad about how they have to administer that salary to eat for a month. Currently the minimum wage is at 18000BsS ($ 6,66) and half is paid every 15 days. Every 15 days they have to wait 9000BsS ($ 3,33) with what they would only buy food, and nothing else, until the next fortnight.

But I also put myself in the place of the stores, what can they do? The ingredients to make a hamburger also go up in price every day and if they do not go up they can not continue with the production.

So in general, it may be that MacDonald’s food has a fair price but regretting it a lot almost nobody is willing to pay for it in these places.

But, well, let’s focus on more positive things to attract good vibes!

I want to thank all the people who have helped this blog so much! I love you!

I like to invest my time with blog things because I love writing and I like to see that I have an audience that likes what I write. So thanks!

I also have something nice to announce today! We already have an account on Ko-Fi! So if you want to continue supporting my content and help me improve… Invite me a coffee! Maybe caffeine will help me write two posts a week, it could be…

The price of a coffee varies a lot. A small black coffee costs only 1000BsS ($ 0.37) and a coffee in a cafeteria or bakery costs between 4500BsS ($ 1.66) to 8000BsS ($ 2.96). So, since coffee is so cheap, I am happy to tell you that I will place as a donation the minimum rate of Ko-Fi, which is only $ 3. Help me have a cup of coffee! Or maybe an ice cream cone? Or a Big Melt? Who knows?

Thank you very much for reading me and see you in a next post next week!

Many many caffeinated kisses for everyone!


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  1. The prices in Dollars are expensive even in foreign terms (3$ for a small box of fries??).


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