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Humanitarian aid for Venezuela: What happened on February 22 and 23?

Thousands of people waited from before the dawn in the bridge of Tienditas, that connects to the Colombian city of Cúcuta with the Venezuelan one of Ureña, the beginning of the concert Venezuela Aid Live, that began at 11.00 local time of this Thursday with the Venezuelan and Colombian hymns and the applause of tens of thousands of people who attended the event.

Rivers of people dressed in white and with Venezuelan flags arrived this Friday at the border of Colombia with Venezuela to attend the mega-concert that will serve as the prelude to the announced entry of aid to that country by the opposition.

Thousands of people shouted “freedom” and “the government is going to fall” while they waited at the mercy of the strong sun of the city of Cúcuta the beginning of the Venezuela Aid Live concert, an initiative of the British billionaire Richard Branson.

“It’s amazing to see thousands come to the concert,” the Virgin founder told a news conference.
Branson explained that the help that they intend to collect in 60 days through the Internet will be destined to food and medicine, scarce due to shortages and the acute economic crisis.

The lecturer Daniel Habiff caused people to cry out thanks to his message in which he said “thank you because you have to be very brave to smile when we are broken inside”.

For his part, the singer Miguel Bosé said that “he will be captured and tried for crimes against humanity.” Maduro, go away now, as far as you can, because Venezuela is not yours or your drug company.
The singer Fher de Maná emphasized shortly before singing that “we are saddened that a people like Venezuela is bleeding to death because of that we want them to let humanitarian aid go by”.

And the Venezuelan Nacho, who closed the concert indicated that “the only person that we have to demand is ourselves, if we talk about reconciliation we start with ourselves”.

On Saturday, February 23, two of the eight gangs carrying humanitarian aid shipments from Colombia to Venezuela were set ablaze at around 3:00 p.m. on Venezuelan territory after crossing the Francisco de Paula Santander International Bridge.

According to Guillermo Botero, Minister of Defense of Colombia, the cargo of a third gangs was rescued due to the threat that it would also be set on fire. The fourth remained in Colombian territory. In a press conference, the deputy Andrés Mejía blamed “irregular groups” for the fire of the gangs.

On the other four gangs, Botero declared that three have returned who were in the Simón Bolívar International Bridge, which communicates with the population of San Antonio del Táchira. “The last one (truck) has not yet returned due to the volume of population that is there and when backing it could cause an eventual accident, which has meant that, for now, until the population decreases significantly, it will not be able to retire until here”.

It was planned that 14 gangs would leave with 280 tons of humanitarian aid from the collection center of Tienditas, a town bordering Colombia.

The events caused from and in the Venezuelan territory on February 23 violate human rights. Until 7:00 at night, 285 injured (255 are of Venezuelan nationality and 30 Colombians).

From the early hours of the morning, there were violent incidents in Ureña, several cities in Carabobo, in Barquisimeto, Lara state, and in Santa Elena de Uairén, Bolívar state, where
Correo del Caroní reported two dead protesters.

So many violent acts have taken place over these years in Venezuela. All for the freedom of our country. Someday we will have a Venezuela full of peace, harmony and happiness. Someday.

For my next post…

Hey, everyone! For this post I made a special visit to an international chain of restaurants that we may all know. Yes! MacDonalds! When I was a little girl I loved going to MacDonalds, eating burgers and fries. Over the years, going to MacDonalds became a luxury. I will show you some photos to see a typical MacDonalds in Venezuela, the menu, the prices in bolivars and in dollars so that you can draw your own conclusions and opinions. I would like to read all those comments so let’s start!


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