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The Day of Youth (El Día de la Juventud)

Hello, my dear readers!

Yesterday I was in a peaceful march, although I am not very out to marches or protests because of the fear of repression by the national guards I wanted to take a little risk.

You will wonder why… Yesterday was the day of youth in Venezuela!

A very important day in our country.

Many people told me to go out and support my young colleagues in this beautiful celebration. So I went and I thought it would be a good idea to document a bit of this march here on the blog.

Venezuela celebrates every year the Day of Youth, in honor of all the young people who accompanied José Félix Ribas and Vicente Campo Elías during the Battle of La Victoria, on February 12, 1814. This battle was part of the Venezuelan War of Independence , where the Republicans led by Ribas, faced the royalist forces commanded by José Tomás Boves when he tried to take the city of La Victoria. When he was outnumbered, Ribas called a group of students and seminarians to join republican ranks and after a bloody confrontation, they won. For this invaluable achievement, Ribas received the title of “Victor of the Tyrants” from our Liberator, Simón Bolívar.

On February 10, 1947, the Constituent Assembly decreed every February 12 as the Youth Day in Venezuela.

In our country, young people have always been protagonists in different historical events, such as the aforementioned Battle of La Victoria more recently, in the Generation of 28 and other events that sought the claim of rights during the twentieth century. Venezuelan youth has been characterized by its energy, strength and impetus when it comes to defending just causes and fighting for the soil that saw them being born, and that fervor that comes from the time of Ribas and Bolívar, today continues to be latent in its veins.

The young people I met at yesterday’s march made it very clear that they wanted to fight for a better Venezuela.

Going to this march and meeting these young people and older people, who are also young in spirit, inspired me. I also want a better Venezuela!

Goodbye to you, your dear Laura, until next week in a next post!

Greetings to all!


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