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Pets care in Venezuela

I am a great defender of animals. I love dogs, cats and every kind of living being that I can love.

I take care of a dog, two cats and a turtle. In the case of the dog and the two cats, they were street animals that were in the street, dirty and malnourished.

My dog was anemic and with wounds all over his body. The cats were fine physically but very dirty. The turtle was given to me by an aunt who could not take care of her. All of them are now better, I take care of them, I give them love and I feed them.

Feeding pets in Venezuela is usually a bit complicated because of the food issue. There is no food for people and if there is very expensive…

Something like that happens with dog food. Just look at those prices and remember that the minimum wage is only 18.000,00 BsS.

Cat food is just as expensive but I have received help from neighbors to feed the cats better. Also thanks to certain alternatives I have been able to feed my dog with vitamins and a little food for humans, such as rice and sardines (rice and sardines is the cheapest food to buy in Venezuela).

Caring for my dog can sometimes be a little complicated. It is a very mischievous dog and usually escapes but sometimes can not see the danger that runs. Once they ran over him. It was a very sad experience, they hit his head and the driver fled. It is very sad that nobody cared to take my dog to a veterinarian. I could not take it because I did not have a car and I was in shock and crying. I called a doctor who prescribed a couple of injections for the pain of her injured leg and told me how to take care of it. My dog recovered quickly and I felt very grateful that he was fine and with me.

After that experience I realized how important first aid is in pets and I did a first aid course for dogs and cats. In Venezuela there are many organizations that help every day to care for animals. I feel happy about that and because every day there are more people interested in taking the dogs out of the street and adopting them.

Do you also have pets? Do you like this post? Let me know in the comments.

Greetings and lots of love for all!


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