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Today is time for a different blog. This story is written by a reader that lives in Venezuela. Please let us know in the comments what you think of the idea of guest bloggers!

Her submission:

I was born in a country with great natural beauty and rich in many aspects. Like any oil country, the economic boom was increasing until the decade of the 90s. In 1998, Commander Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias assumed the presidency, being in this way until 2013. His government was characterized by being of leftist and socialist thinking Until 2008 the economy remained stable, however the deterioration began due to lack of entry into the government budget due to ma corruption and embezzlement. In the year 2013, after the death of President Hugo Chavez, he assumed the presidency (and his legacy), President Nicolas Maduro Moros, making himself felt with more radical and repressive policies … The Venezuelan economy and social class began to shrink , in this way a decline in the quality of life was generated and therefore Venezuelans were submerged more and more in a social pandemic, where crime, corruption and bad habits reign. Currently my country’s economy is 2,000,000% according to datanalysis figures (polling company of my country), with projection to 5,000,000% according to the IMF. The problem is not only economic, many die of famine due to the low production of food, and the high cost of the same (it should be noted that in Venezuela everything matters, nothing is produced), and those who do not die of famine, die of a simple illness like a common cold due to lack of medicines … I live in a country where, because of good health and being able to eat three or four times a day, you are considered a person with many economic resources. With a salary of 18,000 bolivares per month, and with the price of the dollar in 5,000 bolivares, every day Venezuelans try to subsist with 2.65 $, salary surpassed only by a package of common rice or arepa (typical food of Venezuela). In Venezuela it is more difficult to eat than to study.


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