Venezuela Inside

Waiting for the winds of change

These last days have been a bit complicated.

The situation of the country every day is more critical. There is more tension in the air. Nicolás Maduro swore on Thursday his position as president of Venezuela for what will be his second term, much questioned by many inside and outside Venezuela.

Like almost everything in the politics of our country, the oath of Maduro takes place in the midst of a strong controversy.

His rivals and a large part of the international community accuse him of having become a de facto ruler. The United States calls it “dictator” and last Friday the American countries in the Lima Group said they would not recognize his new presidential term.

The truth is I am tired of all this controversy, of all this politics… Like the vast majority of Venezuelans, I am tired of continuing to hear promises and lies. I want a change.

Today I have 4 days without water. I had to walk to the house of an aunt who lives far away to bathe and fill bottles of water for me and my family. Barely and I could drink water. I’m thirsty. I do not get food for my dog ​​at a reasonable price. The meat and eggs are scarce and at too high prices in the few places where it is possible to get so my food is a bit incomplete.

Have you already reviewed this blog section? Did you see how much is a minimum wage in Venezuela? How can you live with that monthly amount of money? A fortnight is enough to buy a kilo of cheese and nothing else. The minimum wage increased yesterday but that will only continue to cause more inflation. Things will continue to rise in price and the Venezuelan will continue to fight to try to get even a crumb of bread.

It gives me such sadness to share this type of things but in the same way I consider it a good way to inform the situation of the country to the people who are outside of it.

We try to stay optimistic, to keep going despite the falls. For now we can only remain silent in our homes waiting for help from abroad.

Thank you very much to everyone who cares about the situation in the country and always sends messages of support and good wishes.

I send you a lot of love and good wishes!


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  1. I dont know what to say we also have a stupid leader in power but it no where as bad as your country. I wish i could do something to help u.

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