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Healthy mind in Venezuela and small confessions

Hello everyone! Today I come to talk to you about a topic that I consider super important. Health.

No, I’m not here to give you a class on hygiene or things like that. I come to talk a little about an issue that has caught my attention lately. To be more specific, I want to talk with you about mental health.

We feel joy, euphoria, anger and sadness. Many emotions that sometimes mix and we do not even know what we have. In some cases it becomes sadness or extreme joy or we have anger problems. We do not all have this kind of problems but I think at least one person will identify with all this.

Sometimes we get to feel so strange with all those mixed emotions that we are confused and we just get carried away by that happy emotion. Either anger or sadness, and I say you are two because they are the emotions that I find most negative.

We have heard about depression or we have been close to a person who is depressed and we see that it is not just sadness. It is isolation, it is insecurity, it is an emotional exhaustion… And finally it is a disease. A disease that affects many people in the world.

You will wonder why I talk about this topic. Well, personally I’m not depressed but I’ve been very close to people who have been. And it is something that is not easy to carry. Lamenting it a lot in Venezuela, going to a therapist is super expensive and people prefer to spend money on food or basic products. Here people do not give much importance to mental illness. They prefer to go around carrying that problem on top of not spending money on a therapist who will recommend things they will not do and will prescribe pills that they will not be able to buy because they are so expensive.

Besides, talking openly about the subject is complicated. Not everyone is brave enough to ask for help and people who notice that they have problems will not ask for help because they believe that you will be able to alone and even prefer to get away. I do not know if in other places it’s like that but it’s sad.

And it’s not just depression, it’s common to see people with anger problems, friends with bipolarity and family members with schizophrenia… And it’s sad to see how those people suffer when their medicines are not available or are obtained at unreasonably expensive prices. It is frustrating not being able to help them or their family members who see day by day how they are getting worse without their treatments and how they are even exposed to their problems.

In this post I confess that I also have my problems. I suffer from anxiety. It’s not just a passing sensation, it’s a problem.

For years I suffer from anxiety. I realized this when I was two years old without being able to sleep peacefully at night. I thought of so many worries, in so many ugly scenarios, in what people say, in what I say… Even sometimes I just worried for no reason. It is like a suffocating sensation and of a lot of constant anguish.

The situation got worse when I had a boyfriend who was a bit abusive. It was a toxic relationship in which there was violence. Verbal and a little physical. This is the first time that I speak about that.

At the end of that horrible relationship, in which I ended up suffering from an emotional dependence for that boy, I went through a short stage of depression that made my anxiety state worse. Months passed after I could fully recover. I get a point that every time something good happened to me, I cried so much because I felt that I did not deserve anything good. It was when I realized that my self-esteem was on the floor because of the emotional problems and the abusive ex-boyfriend.

Then it is these horrible episodes, one morning I woke up thinking “I want to be happy today“. That day remove everything that reminded me of my ex, I put on makeup, I dressed nice and I made that little bun in my hair that he hated that I did but that I loved to do. It’s been more than four years since that day and I can say I’m better.

I’m not going to lie to you, there are still nights when anxiety does not let me sleep but I’ve been working on it. A couple of things that I have done and could recommend to those people who also suffer from these types of problems are:

  • Find help: The first thing you should do when you realize you have a problem is to ask for help. There are problems that are difficult to take and maybe this is one of them. Tell someone close who you trust how you feel and open up listening to their opinions and recommendations. Maybe it will be very helpful. You can also look for help in internet communities or in books. Today there are even applications that help you carry your anxiety, release stress and / or relieve yourself.
  • Fill me with positive things: Search from self-help books to psychologist accounts on Instagram to follow. Jokes accounts, cheerful and fun and accounts of happy cats or dogs. Everything that fills me with an aura of happiness. I also avoid seeing news before sleeping. I read the news when I’m surrounded by people and I know I will not go into crisis or get nervous.
  • Healthy body, healthy mind: Exercise helps me reduce anxiety. What I do the most is yoga. Every morning I wake up, place my mat and start to stretch. For my yoga sessions download an app that helps me make the positions I want. Those 10 or 15 minutes of yoga help me a lot to start the day full of energy and good vibes.
  • Other hobbies: Reading, listening to music or watching funny videos online every time you feel that you are going to fall for the same thing helps a lot.
  • Good friends: Finally, nothing helps more than someone who hugs you and tells you that it will be for you when you need it. A good friend never fails. In my case, my best friends helped me with my self-esteem problems. They always make you see reality and help you get out of that.

Living in a country where mental health is not given much importance is sad. I wanted to go to mental health institutions to take pictures of the poor condition patients are in but it is very dangerous. Mental health institutions do not have medications to treat their patients so they only isolate them to prevent them from harming other people.

In short, to conclude, I want to tell everyone that we are not alone. Whenever you need someone you will have help, whether from family, friends or even strangers. Take care of people who think they have an illness and are supportive and always seek help. Let’s be stronger, be kind, help others and always try to be the best version of ourselves.

I send a big hug to everyone!

Until next week.


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