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How about the New Year’s party? What traditions are there in the New Year’s party in Venezuela? What are your goals for this new year?

Hello again! I hope you all have received a very nice 2019!

For me 2018 was a year with many downs, but I always managed to get up to the problems sometimes alone and sometimes with the help of other people, those angels that I will always thank them for.

Today I want to talk a little about the end of the year party that I had. For me it has been the best New Year’s party I’ve had for a long time.

When I was a child my family was very close. We used to spend the festivities together, we used every free day to see each other. We live in cities very far from each other but it did not cost us to travel from one place to another. We all had cars and the trips lasted a maximum of 8 hours. Until the economic problems in the country began. After that you could not travel much anymore. We were making it a priority to buy food and all the money we had went into buying food to survive. Our family was being careful with spending, because we did not have money to share with other people. But recently I was able to meet all my family again and it was beautiful. I was crying so much of happiness. There is nothing more beautiful to share with those you love and fill them with hugs and love.

Remember that I mentioned in the previous post that I wanted to eat a hallaca for this end of the year party? For that yellow bun of corn dough that was stuffed with meat and a delicious stew was a hallaca:


Something that is never missing in a year-end party are the rituals or traditions. In the case of Venezuela, the best known are:

  • Lentils and money for abundance: That night can not miss a plate of lentils, a custom originally from Italy since the Middle Ages is used to dismiss the year, as it is thought that the new will come loaded with wealth and money. Many include them at dinner and others prefer to savor them after 12:00 a.m.
    It is also common to find people who carry money in their hands or in their pockets, just at midnight, to improve their economy in the new year. Somehow they make reference to a very Venezuelan saying: “billete llama billete” which means “cash calls cash“. And the truth is that I do this habit a lot. I always like to carry even a couple of bills in the bra to have money always close the rest of the year.
  • For love a “jump”: It is common to find singles going up and down three times from a chair, a ritual that is done to have a stable partner in the coming year. Also, if you wear red underwear, passion will never be lacking in the relationship.
  • Suitcases for travelers: Those who want to travel cross the streets with a suitcase, ensuring that the more they walk, the longer they travel.
  • For good luck nuts and yellow underwear: There are those who accompany the night with different types of nuts to attract good fortune. Among the most used are nuts and chestnuts.
    Others believe that wearing yellow underwear will also attract good luck in the coming year. This ritual has become very popular and I also admit that I usually wear yellow underwear to attract good vibrations around me.

By the way, I do not know if you saw the picture I uploaded recently on my instagram. The outfit I was wearing was a set of lilac and nude colored heels. Something simple and elegant. For the holidays I like to wear comfortable but beautiful clothes. I’m not wearing heels every day because I find myself tall enough already. I feel weird wearing heels even though I can walk very well with them. But in these cases I feel that it is necessary to complete a good look.

Lilac and nude coloured heels
Lilac and nude coloured heels

But continuing with the subject, I do not know about you but I feel excited. I feel like I want to do many great things this year. Maybe you’ll see me trying new things and I hope you like it. I want to learn to play the guitar, do yoga, travel… But most importantly, continue with blogging, making pictures and…. something really amazing soon to be announced!

And you, dear readers? What plans do you have for the end of the year? Any recommendations for the blog? Leave me in the comments any question or recommendation.

Greetings and kisses for everyone!

Last note: I would like to thank my Patreons and donators for being generous! It really does help me with my monthly expenses. It gives me a feel of job security and survival security that I have missed since the economic crisis hit. Again thank you! And I ofcourse do not forget those who took the time to reach out to me by mail and sent me positive messages! I really do appreciate all of it!


New blog post next week on Wednesday! See you then!


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