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What was the Christmas dinner for Venezuelans? What is a ‘hallaca’? What can you buy with 4500 bolivar in Venezuela?

Hi all! I hope you have spent a happy and beautiful Christmas with your loved ones.

My Christmas was very beautiful, I spent a lot of time with my family and my friends. I have been going out with friends that I almost never see and I have spent time with my family that I do not see much either because they live far away. Christmas is such a beautiful time to meet up and be together! Every December 24 a Christmas dinner is made and the traditional dishes that are served in that Christmas dinner in Venezuela are: Hallacas (they are like corn flour buns stuffed with meat, chicken or pork very seasoned and wrapped in a banana leaf ), chicken salad (this has only carrots, potatoes, chicken and mayonnaise), ham bread (bread with ham, bacon, olives and raisins), baked pork and for dessert we usually buy a panettone (it is a huge bread stuffed with fruit or chocolate) or a black cake (it’s a delight)… This is the typical Venezuelan Christmas dinner. The sad part is, not everyone is able to have such a Christmas dinner. It’s only for those who are able to pay for all the ingredients, which are not cheap, which makes me really sad..

A panettone

My Christmas dinner was just salad, ham bread and Christmas cookies. It was not much because we shared the food with uncles, cousins and more people. But I think it was beautiful. I do not care so much about food when I share with my family or friends. Sharing with them is special and something that does not happen very often. That’s why this little Christmas dinner was special, despite the little amount of food there was. I hope I can eat a hallaca for dinner on December 31.

What did i buy with 4.500,00 BsS?

Changing the subject a bit, a couple of days ago I came up with the idea of documenting how many things can be bought with the minimum wage. The idea occurred to me when I saw that in my bank account I only had 4,500.00 BsS, which is the minimum monthly salary established in Venezuela. So on December 26 (the dollar was at 520BsS) I went shopping and this is what I bought:

  • Soap: The best known soap brand in Venezuela, “Las Llaves“. It is a blue soap that is usually used to wash clothes. I say usually because in my house, and in the home of many other Venezuelans, this soap is widely used to wash your face, body and even your hair. The price of this product varies but I bought it at 1000 BsS, which is equivalent to $ 1.92.
Soap bought in Venezuela for 1.000,00 BsS ($1.92)
  • Vaseline: Ok, maybe not everyone who goes shopping goes to a store to buy Vaseline. In my case I had to buy it because as you can see in my last post I got a tattoo and it requires special care, among which Vaseline is important to have smooth and hydrated skin. I bought the cheapest Vaseline that I found and even then I took almost half of the money I had. Cost 1700 BsS, which is equivalent to $ 3.26. PD: I love the aroma of this vaseline. It is an edition for babies and smells like talcum powder for babies.
Vaseline bought in Venezuela for 1.700,00 BsS ($3,26)
  • Lip balm: I had the need to buy a lip balm because I realized that my lips were very cracked. I do not know if it’s because of the sun, because the weather has been very hot these days. Since I can not afford to buy a sunscreen, I bought a hydrating lip balm with a sunscreen of FPS 15. As it is a national product (Valmy is a well-known brand of makeup in Venezuela and has very good and very economical makeup products, so much that I would like to make a review of the products they have and talk about makeup in a next post) the price of this balm is very accessible. It cost me only 400 BsS, which is equivalent to $ 0.76.
Lip Balm bought in Venezuela for 400BsS ($0.76)
  • Bread: Finally, I wanted to buy bread to take home and have dinner. We do not usually buy bread because it is cheaper to buy corn flour and make arepas. Here I am only able to buy 4 loaves of bread. Each bread had a cost of 350 BsS, which is equal to $ 0.67. In total, spend 1400 BsS, which was $ 2.69.
Bread in Venezuela bought for 350 BsS ($0.67)

With all the salary I got this month I was able to buy these 4 things. I hope you liked today’s post. If you have ideas for future posts, opinions, questions and comments are welcome. Thank you all for your support and always be there.

Greetings to all! See you next week for a new post! I hope you have a very happy and prosperous new year !!!


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