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I fulfilled my desire by doing something very exciting!

PS: I know this post does not talk about Venezuela, but it talks about me and I thought about writing it because it seemed like a good idea for a blog post.

I’m very excited because as you can see in the title of the post I did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. A tattoo.

I know there are still many people who believe that tattoos are ugly and are a huge mistake. But fortunately little by little this stigma is disappearing, more and more girls and boys dare to express their ideas and emotions on their skin.

I am one of the girls that have had the desire to get a tattoo since my youth! One of the problems are our parents that have the idea that it will ruin our lives forever. And try to stops us from making the decision. My parents as I said in previous posts are a bit conservative but over time I have become a bit more liberal about many things. My parents have learned to accept me as I am. A tattoo will not tell if I am a bad person or not, it will not make me look less beautiful or it will make me feel superior to others. It’s just a desire I had for many years!

Tattoos symbolise what the world means to you… For example, we all have difficult moments in our lives, to translate them forever into our skin is a way of showing how strong we are and can be. A tattoo can also say who you are in love with or talk about a tribute to someone who has left. A tattoo can shape your plans in life and even your profession. There are also phrases that mark your life, capture them in your skin and tell people how you are thinking about subjects. When you decide to tattoo your body appearances take second place to you. A tattoo is forever, the fear of compromise is simply not a problem for you and people will see it. You know that with a tattoo there is no turning back, and that has become a motto of life, you do not take a step back. In short, a simple tattoo can speak more than a thousand words and that is why I have wanted to take one for a long time.

Getting a tattoo is a decision that you must take in a very responsible way for the fact that you will wear it for a lifetime, it is not something that should be done by fashion or by impuls. It is something that must be thought very well about. In my case I spent three years with the design image I wanted on my phone. It’s something I thought over and over again but I never changed my mind.

For a second I thought about changing my mind and running away instantly when they turned on the tattoo machine. I was very nervous and scared but at the moment when the tattoo artist placed the needle in my skin I laughed. It was a laugh of relief, of emotion and happiness. I did not think it would be something so easy to carry. It did not hurt at all. There were times when I felt a tingling and at two hours I was already feeling a bit of burning in the tattoo area. As the night passed, I still felt a bit of burning in the tattoo area, but it is totally normal for me to burn a bit and, if you have skin as sensitive as I do, it should be a little red for a while. Now I just have to take care of it a lot by applying a little moisturizer or petroleum jelly and avoid exposing it to the sun for a long time.

Being tattood on the table

Above you can see the finished tattoo on my body!

By the way, it is normal that over time a tattoo scab, skin is recovering and regenerating, you just have to continue giving the necessary care with creams and you’ll see that it will heal soon

I am very happy with my tattoo, and I will feel very proud of it all my life as it has a very beautiful and intimate meaning for me and motivates me a lot to keep going and keep fulfilling my goals and dreams one by one, little by little.

I hope you liked the post very much and that it has helped anyone who has doubts about whether to get a tattoo or not. Remember: Tattoos are a way to express a feeling or a memory that you need to stay with you for a lifetime. Each person is free to use his body as a canvas to print his ideas on it. There are times when we have to do the things we really want without fear.

Flower tattoo on right side of body above hips

Thank you very much to all of you and keep an eye on the next post next week!

Note: Making the decision is a very tough one, before taking the decision think about it good first! Why do I want it? How would I feel carrying the tattoo all my life? What would my parents think? What will be the consequences? What is my motivation to get one? If you’re not sure, I’d suggest not taking one, before you’re sure of it! Always ask advice to others before taking this huge step!

Another note: I have been able to fund my tattoo thanks to my lovely patreons and donators of this month! I have gotten enough money to buy some luxeries aswell! Thanks so much for that!

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