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How are my preparations for Christmas and the New Year? Who is the Niño Jesús? How is Christmas music in Venezuela?

Our favorite dates are already approaching, or at least my favorite date and we are starting to place theChristmas tree here. We have a small Christmas tree that 7 years ago an uncle gave us. Since then it is the Christmas tree that we always use with the same ornaments as always, although sometimes my mother and I start to make small snowflakes in foami to give a white and new touch to our tree.

On these dates I love going out with my friends. It’s very fun to meet new people like family or friends of someone you know. I have had many fun and crazy experiences because of my friends during the Christmas holidays. Some of those trips I liked, others not so much but those lessons are always learned. For these outings I like to use fresh outfits.The nights are cold and that’s why I always wear a jean jacket or a sweater, but I do not get too warm because you never know if the party gets good and you end up dancing all night. That is why my ideal set to go out with friends at informal Christmas parties consists of a skirt, a fresh blouse, a jean jacket and comfortable shoes.

Venezuela is a country where the most practiced religion is the Roman Catholic Apostolic, although there is absolute freedom of worship and all religions can be practiced without restrictions. There is also Buddhist, Jewish, evangelical communities… I talk about this because beliefs are a bit important to interpret Christmas. Since the majority of Venezuelans are Catholics, I do not say that all but most of them, the belief that children are taught the most since childhood is that of the Niño Jesús. The Niño Jesus is like the Venezuelan Santa Claus. Children inVenezuela are taught to write a letter to the child Jesus so that he can bring his gift to him later on December 24th. Excited children write their letters and then place them on the Christmas tree or under their pillow. On December 24, children see their gifts in the little trees or at the foot of their bed.Despite this tradition, men are often seen dressed as Santa in the streets and parties for these dates but for being a more international tradition.

Between the 16th and the 24th of December, the Catholic Church in Venezuela is accustomed to carry out its famous Mass of aguinaldo. It should be noted that although at this time religion does not allow happy songs, for our country an exception was made, mainly because these songs are a tradition of veneration at the birth of JesusChrist rooted for many years. The only condition that was put was that theChristmas gifts were celebrated at dawn. The aguinaldo is a genre of Venezuelan folk music, characteristic ofthe festivities of the month of December in some countries of Latin America.The songs are usually very religious and speak of the birth of the baby Jesus.A good example would be the popular aguinaldo called “Niño Lindo“.

One of the things I like most about December is to start listening to gaitas on all radio stations or at any corner or Christmas party. The gaitais an original musical genre of the Zulia state in Venezuela, declared HeritageHeritage of Cultural and Artistic Interest of Venezuela. In some regions ofVenezuela and in the communities of Venezuelans around the world it is related to Christmas. My favorite gaita is the popular “Viejo Año, ¿Que te pasa?”de Maracaibo 15. It fills me with so much happiness and desire to dance.

It can be gaitas, aguinaldos, christmas carols and other particular versions of different nations, but they all have in common to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the hope of a happier tomorrow.

I hope you liked this new post! Leave in the comments that you think, your questions and what they would like to see in a future post.

Greetings and many good wishes,


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2 replies

  1. you’re a beautiful girl! it’s hard when the holiday season comes during a difficult time, but I wish you a new year full of peace, happiness and love!


    • Oww, thank you very much for your good wishes! I have hope that it will be that way.
      I hope you have a beautiful year full of happiness, peace and love too!


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