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How much is 1 dollar in bolivar? How much is the minimum wage of Venezuelans? What can I buy with 100 dollar in Venezuela?

Exchange rate Bolivar – updated on 19 march 2019

VEF 3.000,00 $ 1,00

Minimum wage S. Bolivar

VEF 18.000,00 $ 6,00
Item Price $ Price S. Bolivar
Salt (kilo)
1,00 3.000
Milk (liter) 2,83 8.500
Eggs (dozen) 5,00 15.000
Oil (liter) 2,00 6.000
Wheat flour (kilo) 2,00 6.000
Chicken (kilo) 3,33 10.000
Meat (kilo) 3,33 10.000
Sugar 2,00 6.000
Detergent (kilo) 5,00 15.000
Bath soap (unit) 2,00 6.000
Toilet paper (four rolls) 2,83 8.500
Toothpaste 5,00 15.000
Shampoo 3,33 10.000
Deodorant 2,33 7.000
Floor cleaner 3,00 9.000
1 dollar to bolivar
How many bolivar do you get for 1 dollar?

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3 replies

  1. Are you sure about the meat?
    Somebody told me this week it was 2000 bs (~6$),
    and somebody else sent me a picture of an improvised butchery where it was sold in 9$ (in dolars!).


    • Yes, that is the price at which they sold it in the butcher shop where I live, but prices vary and increase every day. For a more updated price, visit the “Living cost in Venezuela” section, updated every week.



  1. Waiting for the winds of change – Ascribur

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