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How is the weather in Venezuela? Does it ever snow in Venezuela? Is it true you can sunbathe in the winter?

The weather in Venezuela is good in general throughout the year. The average temperature of Caracas, located at 1,000 m. of height above sea level, it is 22 ° C, being able to reach 32 ° C during the day in summer. At night it refreshes, but you will never need more than a light coat.

Venezuela has two distinctive seasons: winter, which runs from May to November, is the wet season, with temperatures between 24 ° C and 27 ° C; the summer, which runs from December to April, is the dry season, the temperature can rise up to 32 ° C during the day. However, what really causes temperature changes is the variation in altitude, and not the time of year. The area of ​​the coast and the plains has high temperatures throughout the year. The average temperature decreases as you ascend in height.


Map of climate zones in Venezuela

These days it has been raining very much almost at all times. The streets are flooded with water and to get out of our houses it seemed that we needed to rent a boat. For people who have a car there is not much of a problem, they just have to avoid getting water in the car, but for people who do not have a car and walk (like your dear narrator) you have to suffer a little more than normal. Remember that I talked about public transport before? Well, when it rains you have to add those problems to the fact that, obviously it is raining and you can get wet, and that when it rains a lot less, therefore you spend more time than usual waiting for a bus, a van or any truck that is picking up people at that time.


blogweatherpic3I get sick very quickly if I get cold in the neck, so I like to wear a turtleneck in these damp climates to avoid having a bad time later. So, taking advantage of the Black Friday offers, I made some purchases and among them is this beautiful turtleneck blouse which cost me only 290BsS. I also had to buy a raincoat, at 1500BsS, to avoid getting wet when I was on my way to university. I remember that last year the rainy season was so strong that I had to miss many classes because there was no public transport, I did not have to pay for a taxi and I could not go walking to the university because it was wet, even if it got wet when I got a bus that will take me It made me so embarrassed to enter the classroom as soaked as if I had given myself a bath with clothes and everything, but I could not lose my evaluations for a rain. I am happy because this year I will not get so wet with my new raincoat, although the rainy season is ending.

Changing the subject … it’s almost December! I do not know if in other countries you begin to feel an enthusiasm for December and the beautiful festivities that this month brings us. In Venezuela, Nochebuena, Navidad and, of course, the New Year are celebrated. All these festivities with our traditions, the special food and the loved ones. I love all that and for that I would like to know if you want me to post some of the month of December dedicated to these festivities, to the culture, music and the typical December dinners in Venezuela. Leave me your comments, opinions and questions.

I send you many greetings and love to all!



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  1. I would absolutely love to see how the holidays are spent. I am in Florida, USA so I don’t have a snowy Christmas either.

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  2. Hey girl. I messaged you on reddit yesterday. OMG you are so pretty. I love your look and hair and stuff. I read your blog, it is really interesting! What do you do this for?


    • Hey! Thank you, so kind! Well, there are many reasons why I started this blog. I like writing and I get overwhelmed by the situation in my country very much. So I thought that a blog would be a good idea to show people who are in other countries what reality is like in Venezuela and how life is for a girl like me. I also have several ideas in mind for the blog but I mainly do it because I like it. I like to write, as I said before and I thought that someone might be interested in what a normal girl writes in an underdeveloped country.


      • I feel bad that you are going through all these things. I couldn’t imagine seeing my familie and friends struggle. I wish I could help somehow. You’re such an impressive person. It seems like you are doing so many things with your life! ,You are also a really good writer. I’ve now read more of your blogs and they were informative and relatable. Made me feel sad at times :((. What do you enjoy doing with ur free time? What are your goals? What’s your favorite food! ❤ beautiful girl btwww


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