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What have I been doing? What effect did the donations have? What did I spend my money on?

Before starting the entry I want to give you my biggest and sincere thanks. When starting this blog I did not expect so much support. Your messages, your questions, your comments and even your help, I appreciate it. It motivates me to continue with the blog and with my goals…

Thank you very much!

When I started the blog I gave myself the task of looking for an audience that might be interested in reading about my bad situation. I didn’t think this amount of people could be interested in reading about my simple life! But I thought that there would be someone out there that would be interested. So I started looking in social networks and forums and that’s how I found you and you found my blog. It has not been easy to promote my blog… I had one or two negative messages but I did not mind these because most of the messages I received were positive (Thank you so much for that!) this really motivated me to continue!

When more people started to read my blog, messages began to arrive saying that some people wanted to donate to me. I was in shock at first! It’s something I had never expected, I did not think of receiving that kind of help from my readers. At first I politely rejected, since I did not expect to receive money this way. But when time passed more and more messages came in, offering help by donating. At last I admitted to accept donations. Based on the platform recommendations through which I could accept money. I set up three different methods (with some help from friends) to do so! All in order to give me some help to cope with the situation in the Venezuela, some gave me the idea of ​​saving the money to leave the country. Which I am hoping to be able to do in the longer term.

Thanks to YOUR help, some things have changed in my life. For now I have started buying more food in my house. After I received money the first thing I did was to stock on food I couldn’t pay for before! It removed the burden from my parents to worry about the food. My parents have spent a lot of money on me and my brother to provide the funds to study in the university. They even went in debt to be able to do so! My parents have a university degree and work really hard to survive as a family. So I bought a lot of food to thank them and help provide in the living costs at home. I was able to buy chicken, meat, rice, pasta, bread and more. We now have enough food that we begin to have a healthy and balanced diet. We were getting used to a diet of little to no food. We were forced to buy the cheapest and worst food to be able to eat at all. But now I am able to buy some extra vitamins to make sure I get the vitamins I couldn’t have before! Our appetite is finally getting to normal!


Donations have also helped me with some college expenses. I have been able to afford a couple of books that I needed which the library did not have. And thanks to that I can also start paying for my studies myself and finish my university career.

It’s amazing how everything happened so fast. The situation of the country had left me without the possibility of even buying a pair of shoes and thanks to all this I think I will stop stealing my mom’s shoes and I will be able to buy my own pair soon.

I have so many plans and dreams that I would like to fulfill. And I feel that now I am reaching them little by little. It feels incredible. I will not stop being grateful to all of you for that. I will continue to share my experiences, my thoughts, my ideas and my life with you.

Keep visiting the blog. I have several ideas for the future and many more experiences to share. I want to show you not only the reality of the country, I want to show you how beautiful Venezuela is although it is going through this moment of crisis.

Do not hesitate to continue writing; I will answer all your questions and your messages.

Once again thank you very much everyone for your support, your help and your good wishes.

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